February 3, 2012

OPI -DS Sapphire

Ah it's the WEEKEND! I hope you all have a great one! I figured I would end the week with another one of OPI's DS polish's. This beauty is Sapphire. I used two coats of Zoya - Jo, then I topped her with two coats of the Sapphire Holo. I said in my previous posts that I just LOVE this line. I wish I was able to find more of them! We haven't had much sun so I apologize that my holos are very holo-ish in the pictures. :-( I hope you all enjoyed my posts this week and everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

February 2, 2012

Spring Fever

Well, a while back I had a little bit of "spring fever". I am sick of the nasty cold weather and ready for some nice spring weather. So I decided to do a fun manicure that was a springy type manicure! I used Zoya Jolene as my base color, then I stamped with Zoya Moxie, which by the way comes thru as a lighter pink. Then I used a dotting tool with Zoya Yummy (the blue) and Zoya Pippa (the yellow) to make the center of the flowers. I love this manicure, it came out so nice! I hope you all enjoy it! I was only able to get one picture though because I forgot to take it from my camera and only took it with my phone.

February 1, 2012

OPI Designer Series Holos

Happy Hump Day! I hope you are all having a great week! A while back a good friend of mine, Jacque, went dusty hunting and scored some OPI Designer Series polish, and I scored 6 different ones. So today on the list to blog about is DS - Desire. I just love this line and I am so happy I was able to get the ones I got. I do not have much experience with Holographic nail polish so when I used this one, I did not put a base color underneath it, so it took 4 coats of polish to get the look I got. But I still love it. What do you all think?