December 8, 2011

China Glaze - Luna

Sorry I did not post yesterday, I had it up and started this post, then got side tracked and forgot to finish it. Bare with me, I'm still new to this, I need to work this in to my daily routine. Anyway, China Glaze is one of my favorite brands of polish. So today I am going to blog about Luna. Luna is a beautiful blue-ish/silvery sparkle color. It is more of a sheer color so it took me three coats to get the opaque look, I probably could have done a fourth coat. However, we do not have good lighting in our house and my littlest one was in rare form, so I just wanted to hurry up and be done. I really love the color though and will definitely be using it again soon!

Sorry about the glare from the flash. Again, we have poor lighting and when I get to paint my nails, it is usually at night, so it's dark out, and usually not the brightest in the house.

I used one base coat, three coats of China Glaze - Luna, and a top coat.


  1. Looks awesome Lindsey!! I'm still jealous, I want that! lol

  2. Lindsey- tagged you in Nail Polish tag, if you feel like playing along! :) No pressure!

  3. If I find you one, I will send it to you but keep me posted on if you get it or not :-)

    And Thanks! I will do it, but not sure I have many to tag. I need to go thru you and find all the nail blogs your follow :-)