December 16, 2011

Nail Life???

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days. I've been super busy, we are having company in from out of state; they are coming in tomorrow for the weekend. I will probably be fairly busy up until after Christmas, so bare with me. :-)

Anyway, I went to Sally's today originally looking for something to make my nails stronger. I saw a post from a fellow blogger about something by Orly called "Nail Rescue". You can see her review HERE Anyway, I wasn't really going for that in particular, however, was looking for a strengthening base coat as 3 of my nails have broken in the last day and the corners are actually off. I was going to buy the "Nail Rescue" as well if they had it. Well, lucky me, ended up with two new polish's today. I just can't get enough of polish :-) I got Orly *Green With Envy* and Orly *Velvet Rope*. In turn, my Sally's had a sale if you bought two Orly polish's you could get a FREE Orly nail treatment. So lucky me, I was able to get "Nail Rescue" for free :-) I love free stuff! I also bought a new top coat, that I've heard a lot of people talk about called "Seche Vite" and also bought something called "Nail Life" You use it as a base coat and top coat, and use it daily. In a nut shell it is for brittle nails, such as mine.

Here is my nail haul from today! Anyone heard of Nail Life? Anyone used it? Opinions? Sally's says it is their 2nd from top nail strengthener. I would have bought their #1 but they were of course sold out.

Anyway, I got home and of course wanted to try out my new polish :-) I used one base coat of "Nail Life", and used two coats of Orly *Velvet Rope*. Then I topped it off with Seche Vite. I absolutely LOVE this color. It applies great and to me it's just plain beautiful! I took pictures, but they do NOT do it justice. It is 1:00am here, and again, lighting is not great in my house.

With flash

No Flash

Beautiful! Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing my review! I love that Velvet Rope. That is a really rich color of purple.

  2. Very fancy!! I love velvet rope!

  3. You are welcome, Patricia :-) I like it too :-)