December 20, 2011

Zoya - Charla 12-19-11

Okay so today I am going to do two posts because I painted my nails twice :-) I painted them yesterday (forgot to post) and re-did them today because I was bored :-) So this first post, is with one of the polish's that I got in one of Zoya's many many flash promos. I used Charla, and I absolutely LOVE her. She is beautiful. I'm still new with my camera and still messing around with lighting and the settings. However, these pictures do NOT do Charla justice at all. To me in my opinion it actually comes out as a darker blue in these photos, and to me it's really more of a greenish blue when applied. It's BEAUTIFUL! I love!

I used Nail Life as a base coat for strengthening. Then I used two coats of Charla. I might have been able to even do one more coat. But I was happy and just loved the two coats. Then I topped her off with Seche Vite top coat :-)
 Tried to get a different "view" to get the "true" color, but it didn't work. No flash was used here
 No flash.

What do you all think of her? Isn't she gorgeous?

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