January 16, 2012

For Audrey - Nubar 2010

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend.! I had a great weekend myself, I had a nice relaxing weekend with my son, just him and I. It was a great time.

Today, I must get back to blogging. I probably have a weeks worth of blogs to do. So today, I'm going to start with a manicure I gave myself a few weeks back. It sort of reminded me a winter, or snow. :-) I think because of the "glistening" look that Nubar 2010 gave it. For Christmas I received a few gift certificates to Amazon and wasn't sure what polish's I wanted to get, however, I knew I wanted to get polish. :-) My good friend Jamie, is my personal shopper when I don't know what to get, so two of the polish's she suggested were China Glaze-For Audrey and Nubar-2010. One day I said I am going to use For Audrey, she was absolutely BEAUTIFUL alone, but I still wanted to add something to her, so I tried Nubar-2010, I LOVE how this manicure turned out :-) What do you think? Click on the picture to enlarge :-)

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