January 23, 2012

What is YOUR nail polish color choice?

Hello all and HAPPY MONDAY!

I'm just curious, what is your nail polish color choice? My favorite color is PINK however, I tend to buy more purples then anything. I am not sure why I always buy purples, purple isn't my most favorite color. And I realized they are so difficult to photograph. But I always buy them, and I LOVE them when they are on; so if anyone has any tips for photographing purples DO share with me.

In this post I will be talking about Sinful Colors - Daddys Girl. I see it as a gel type formula. I absolutly LOOOOOOVE this polish. I got it in a swap I did with my good friend Jacque. It was easy for me to apply, I love the after look, I just love this polish period. I can't wait until I use it again. It is BEAUTIFUL. I used three coats and to me it turned out A-MA-ZING! What do you lovelies think?

Again it is so hard to photograph, it looks like its a blue, it really is a deep purple. And BEAUTIFUL!


  1. Your nails look fantastic hun! I love it! I always always always go for the charcoals colors or anything that sparkles or is holo. LOL!!!