January 31, 2012

O-P-I Designer Series

First I want to say Happy Tuesday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little man. Well, not so little man. It's hard to believe he is 9 years old today! Here, I will share a picture of him when he was a wee baby and now. He was 5 months old in the baby picture, and the "now" picture is of him at his birthday party this past Saturday. Makes me tear up a bit. Okay...anyway! LOL.
So, my friend Jacque went dusty hunting and found some OPI - DS and I was able to snatch up 6 of them! OMG I LOOOOOOVE them! One of the ones I was able to snatch up was Original. Apparently EVERYONE wants Original and I can see why. She is so gorgeous! I put two coats of Zoya - Perrie then I used two coats of OPI DS - Original. What do you lovies think???

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